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"searching for that `Geocities look' since 1998"

Welcome to this under-construction little one-pager, whose main purpose is to preserve a few links. If you have any questions for me, ask them over here.



I've written about ten books. Three of them managed the trick of being published.

The Trap

This section is about The Trap.

The Wrap-up List

This section is about The Wrap-up List.

The Wikkeling

This section is about The Wikkeling.


I'm interested in music as a composer and performer. I play a somewhat obscure instrument known as the Wicki-Hayden concertina, and most of my work is in the style commonly known as "singer-songwriter".

Concertina Music, 2005–2010

This is a "greatest hits" summarizing some of the better efforts I made with my original concertina, an Anglo style instrument that I played for about ten years, before switching to my present interest in the Wicki-Hayden variety of squeezebox.

The Toy Boats

The Toy Boats were a ...

Other works

Here's a link list of some other, smaller works that I've authored, and feel good enough about to keep pointing at.


Occasionally, I've been interviewed. Here are links to a few of my better moments in video, sound, and print.