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I perform in a singer-songwriter style on a 42-button Wicki-Hayden concertina. Below are my canonical releases. I'm presently developing some new material for release in late 2017.

Concertina Music, 2005-2010


at The Free Music Archive (free download and streaming).

For eight years, I played a 30-button Anglo concertina (I've since moved on to a 42-button Wicki-Hayden style instrument), and wrote many original pieces for it — both tunes and songs. This compilation collects some of the more successful of these pieces.

"The music of American poet, composer, singer, and performer Steven Arntson defies the common categories of concertina troubadours. Yes, like a number of others, he sings and plays the Anglo concertina, but his original songs and instrumentals are more original than most. Steven plays a 30-button Anglo and fully employs its harmonic capacity. He favors modal tints that can sound dark and emotional, yet he has a light touch, and the combination of the two adds up to a presentation that is surprisingly fun and entertaining but equally puzzling and mysterious." – Jody Kruskal

The Toy Boats


available at CD Baby

or at Bandcamp

The Toy Boats were a quartet that played "toy and small" instruments. Featuring toy piano, kid's drum kit, ukulele, and concertina as well as other instruments and vocals, we performed arrangements of Hungarian folk music, cinema soundtrack pieces by Nino Rota, and original compositions. This music video gives a sense of what we were about.